Top 7 lighting tips for your home from our Creative Director Samantha F. Crockett.

Don’t under-estimate the power of great lighting!


Each light source should have a function & purpose. Optimise your source & focus on it.


Place your lights so that they have something particular to illuminate… to highlight a painting or an architectural detail or something personal.


Do you have low ceilings? If so then choose plain ceramic wall up lighters to illuminate the ceiling, then paint them the same colour as the wall. Use same paint colour on the ceiling with a higher sheen so that light reflects down into the room.


Always buy lamps in pairs if your budget allows and place them in the same room. Whether positioned close together or not they will add a sense of symmetry to a space. Symmetry is a golden rule in all great design!

symmetry in lighting top tips
The beauty of symmetry


Consider your natural & artificial light sources within a room. Both will create light & shadow & will inflict on each other and are as important as each other.


Use lamps to differentiate texture, colour, finishes & styles within a room theme. This will make the design much more interesting & cohesive. For example, look at juxtaposing smooth ceramic lamps with textured fabrics or mix contemporary furniture with Oriental style lamps. 

lamp lighting blog
Imari Lamp- Vaughan lighting
lamp lighting blog
Zelda Lamp- Porta Romana
lamp blog top tips lighting
Alba Table lamp- Heathfield & Co


Never use a lampshade that is too small for the base. Always work on the basis that your shade width should be twice the width of the lamp bases and never any smaller in width than an inch wider than the base on either side. The height of the shade should be 2 thirds the height of the lamps base.

If you stick to the above, you can really light up your room settings and bring a little more brightness into your life!


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