Laura from pride road architects

The second of our interview series with pride road architects

In this video, Laura Simpkins of Pride Road Architects South kindly joined me, Samantha F. Crockett of Harris Jackson Design for a chat about how we’ve been coping with running our businesses during the last few months. Everyone has been experiencing these weird times together, so we thought it would be useful to share our stories with each other and also our friends and clients.

second interview part

One thing that we both said that we were thankful for, were our garden offices at the bottom of our gardens. Other than trying to keep the children out of the studio, it’s been a really great asset to my business and lifestyle whilst in lockdown.

We speak about the obvious challenges in our very practical jobs and how we’ve managed to get around them – whilst also trying to virtually network at the same time! During the video, what we found to be interesting about our creative jobs, was that the design challenges that we now face on a day to day basis are completely different too – with the obvious added complications that social distancing have on designing a commercial space.

One main thing that we hoped to put across during this video, was that the changes that we had to make to our careers definitely weren’t negative. Learning to adapt and make necessary changes to stay afloat in these difficult times are just part of running a business – and that is what keeps us inspired and on our toes.

As always, we had so much fun filming this video and we’ve had a great response so far from everyone! We’d love for you to watch the whole video on our YouTube channel and please subscribe to us whilst you’re there to keep up to date on our upcoming series. You can do so here. There will be many more videos to come from Laura and I, where we will continue to talk all things interior design and architecture. We also have a number of other exciting podcast and interview series in the pipeline that we’d love for you to hear – so please do subscribe!


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