Luxury Clubhouse

A luxurious Clubhouse for a multi block high rise luxury apartment complex in mainland China. Public areas had to serve as both communal social space and an art gallery showcasing highly priced works of Art to either potential buyers or residents. Spa and health facilities were also provided to utilise and enjoy. Private dining rooms, Mah Jong playing rooms and show kitchens were also requested by the client so private wine tasting and dining could take place. Luxurious finishes were selected to enhance the contemporary space and to attract the wealthy Chinese society.

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The Schemes

The decorative schemes combined architectural finishes of pale grey marbles & stones teamed with bright gold metallic accents and sleek glass finishes. Beautiful accents of violet were introduced as a dramatic inclusion to co-ordinate with stunning pieces of artwork throughout.

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Food & Beverage areas

All the F&B areas within the clubhouse had specific requirements. A wine tasting & cigar room designed to accommodate an exquisite collection of specialist wine from around the world. Clients can relax at their leisure while overlooking the landscaped gardens, water features and pools outside.

The communal cafe area enabled both Spa members and visiting potential buyers of the luxury apartments to gather their thoughts and relax over a light lunch. The Spa incorporated state of the art Spa facilities along with a striking swimming pool. The latter hidden behind a cascading garden water feature and lit by twinkling star LED’s within the floating ceiling.

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