Meet the team

Meet the team

Go behind the scenes and meet the team behind Harris Jackson Design.

It’s been a busy few months in the Harris Jackson studio, and we’re delighted to introduce you to our growing team.

Samantha Crockett, Creative Director, has been joined by Paloma, Annabel and Emma as the company expands across the property, boutique hotel and luxury retirement sectors.

Meet the team

Samantha says: “It’s an incredibly exciting time and we can’t wait to help more of our clients create emotional spaces and memorable experiences. This past year has impacted many industries, and we’ve seen a real impact on both the hospitality and residential sector. With more staycations than ever before, it’s crucial for hoteliers to showcase just how wonderful this country is as a holiday destination. And with more people spending time at home, the way people interact with their own four walls is changing dramatically. I truly believe interior design has the power to positively impact the consumer experience, and I’m delighted to have been able to expand the team this year to help bring our clients’ vision to life and to continue delivering an exceptional service.”


Meet the friendly faces in the studio:

Paloma is a graduate in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design from Leeds Arts University and is heavily involved in the creative process:

“I grew up in a creative household; my father is an artist, and my mother is a hat maker-turned landscape designer, and I am constantly inspired by all the beautiful things they have created. I went on to pursue textiles at university, and whilst I loved making hand printed wallpaper, I wanted to get a better understanding on how different patterns worked in a liveable home, so I decided to pursue interior design. Learning how to combine combinations of colours and textures of all different scales has been the most interesting and challenging part of working at Harris Jackson. The ability to curate a space that complements an area’s vernacular, whilst paying homage to someone’s personal tastes and interests is incredible, and I love seeing first-hand how it can bring people the utmost joy.”


Annabel has had a long career within the media, having worked at the BBC, and now focuses on project management for our clients:

“Running a successful interior design business is more than just creating beautiful spaces, there is a lot of organisational work that goes on behind the scenes that clients won’t necessarily be aware of. We pride ourselves in providing a friendly and seamless service for our customers, which aims to alleviate the stresses of coordinating large projects. I particularly like building relationships with suppliers and sourcing pieces for clients. I believe good interior design can truly enrich people’s lives, from setting a mood with different colour tones and textures, to placing furniture in a certain way to complement the natural light on offer, the devil is in the detail and that’s what we thrive on at Harris Jackson.”


Emma is an undergraduate at UWE and is assisting on client projects before heading back to university later this year:

“From a young age, my attention to detail to my surroundings prompted my interest in interior design. I taught myself the skills necessary to attend my university course, as I did not have a creative background after choosing humanities and science courses at A level. I realise the impact that your environment can have on your well-being and hope to be a part of creating positive spaces for other people – whether that be in a public or private setting. Interior design is an artform, being able to express yourself emotively through your surroundings is fascinating. Walking into a beautifully designed space for the very first time is a feeling I will always crave, to admire work from others – globally.”


Our team is incredibly passionate about not just designing interiors, but designing lifestyles, and we believe that carefully thought-out spaces can have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. To discover more about what we do and how we can help you, please contact us for a complimentary consultation on 07717494217 or 01425613070 or


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