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Marston & Langinger

Marston & Langinger offer the most exquisite structures for the eternal botanist. Not only can they offer a completely bespoke service, but their garden rooms offer a free standing double glazed structure situated separately from your property. They are a great way to create an all weather sanctuary and escape from the house. Now made entirely from powder coated aluminium one doesn’t have the maintenance issues that the traditional wood structures would face.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in everything that I see. Whether it is the beautiful earthy colours of the New Forest that surround me or the coastal airy hues of the south coast. I look everywhere; architecture, film, fashion, nature, weather, food… the list for inspiration is endless. I trained as a theatrical/filmic set and costume designer, which drove my passion for creating hotel interiors. It is not just about the spatial design and what inhabits it, but the personal response the guest has to the space – the sounds, sights, smells and textures. The Lobby of a hotel should bring about an emotional reaction as one enters a memory and experience not to be forgotten creating a desire to return.

With autumn on the way our minds tend to think about orangey, earthy tones. Is this true of how interior colours change with the seasons?


At the moment, we are leaning towards emerald green, strong violet tones and teal. I think the assumption that we tend to look at nature as the seasons change is true to an extent but we can’t follow the same colour palette every year. I am loving the use of emerald green in schemes and in fact, we are currently working on a scheme which uses exactly that teamed with luscious bronze and antique golds. I have always been a fan of blue as I find it very calming to work with but the leaning towards teal or Prussian blue enables one to warm up the palette more. This hue always works beautifully with soft golds and platinum.

If a customer is looking to tidy up their Garden Room interior, what colours would liven up the space?

For me the best colours would be all neutral architectural tones from off-white through to shades of grey and putty. These simple tones show off the colours of plants well and don’t detract from the natural beauty that one finds in nature. Chalky soothing shades of green and blue, colours of nature can also be used to great effect in moderation to bring the outside in. The beautiful new colour palette of paints from M&L are a wonderful start. Take the English plaster, Paper white, Swedish Grey and Granite. These are all tones that take from architectural finishes and do not detract from the beauty of nature. One can then accentuate these colours with natural tones that will then tie in the nature and surrounding landscape. Cucumber, Sea Green, Silver Lavender and White Lilac are all subtle enough to sit alongside plants or foliage.

What materials are popular this year? Is there anything to keep our eyes on that will be on trend in the next year?

As a garden room or conservatory is a living space all year round, one has to be aware of not over complicating finishes. This is why it is always better to stay with natural finishes e.g. wood, stone or in textiles cottons/linens.However, one can always add a little touch of glamour as metallic and golds will play a big part in fashions this autumn, seen already within furniture, lighting, upholstery and flooring.

The simplicity of Scandinavian style encompasses a gentle muted colour palette of accessories and furniture and lends a softer edge to dark winter months. It is the understated look that creates a big impact.

Another trend that has continued throughout this year is that of the global traveller. The warming tones of this trend metaphorically give you a comforting hug, cocooning you during the cold winter months – transporting you to warmer climates.

Do different materials work better in certain rooms? For example, what works well in a conservatory?


I find that in a conservatory one always has to be aware that the conditions may be slightly different to that of an internal room. A garden room is more open to the elements, materials should be fade resistant otherwise with the best will in the world you may find patches where the sun has bleached your textiles. It is important to choose the right components that can cope with this environment.

How do you keep up with the current trends? Are there particular events or meetings that you go to, or is it more of an organic process?

I am always hopping onto the train up to London for various Trade shows to keep an eye on what is going on in my industry. My favourite shows are Decorex, Focus, The Independent Hotel show & 100% Design. However, I can also be seen attending most of the shows that take place in the Interior Design calendar. These events are a nice way to catch up with past colleagues from the industry that I have met and collaborated with over the years.

What seasonal trends have been your favourite so far this year?

My favourite trends this year have been the Emerald Green colour that has been found everywhere. It is so lovely to see some vibrancy coming back into colour palettes. I am also very excited to see the resurgence of blue, especially navy. It is such a smart and classic colour, which can be teamed with so many other tones to make it executive in look, nautical or even romantic when teamed with gold. Colour will always feature heavily in the schemes of Harris Jackson.


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