Inspiring communities with interior design

Inspiring communities with interior design

Inspiring communities with interior design

When it comes to searching for a new home, many people are looking outside of their own four walls and placing emphasis on community. At Harris Jackson, we believe interior design has the power to bring communities together and help people make long lasting memories. Read on to find out how…

Community has always been important, but following the last year, it’s more important than ever.

Recent research by The National Lottery Fund reveals that the pandemic has reignited people’s interest in their local community. The report found that 69% of people feel like they’re part of their community and 35% say they have an increased sense of belonging. Reducing loneliness and isolation was also listed at the top of the agenda for many communities this year.

With so many of us having to socially distance and communicate predominantly online, it’s clear that a post-pandemic house search will have a much larger emphasis on providing people with places to interact with one another, come together and put down roots.

We have worked on a number of show home designs for a variety of developers, with our end goal always focused on showcasing the scheme to its full potential and inspiring people to visualise themselves living there. But we are now seeing a growing trend in designing not just show homes but communal areas. Whether it’s a co-working space set up within the development, a community centre, fitness suite or entertainment venue, it’s crucial that design filters out to the wider community to create a sense of place.

There are a number of ways interior design can be used to not just highlight communal spaces, but bring people into the development’s story too:

Local materials

If you have a development that includes a number of communal areas, then why not consider using local materials to execute the design? Whether it’s external features, such as brickwork, or internal features, such as soft furnishings, focusing on locally sourced materials can be a fantastic way to tell the story and create a sense of togetherness.

Invite people to get involved

What better way to bring people together than to include them in your interior designs? This works especially well if you are building a space that is for everyone, such as a community centre. You could use your social media channels to promote the launch event of your development, and ask people to input into the future designs. What colours do the community want to see on the walls of the community space? What textures and patterns? What functionality? This not only will make homebuyers feel part of the journey but it can also be fantastic for generating extra marketing materials for your brand (if everyone involved shares the story amongst their own network).

Be inspired by what’s around you 

If there is a special story to tell within the existing community then consider showcasing this through the interior design of the communal areas. Perhaps the local community has a fascinating heritage, stunning landscape or interesting characters to call upon. Researching this as part of the design process can really help to add impact and authenticity to your interiors. We have worked with a number of clients on bringing local areas into our designs, from focusing on neutral textures and tones that champion the natural surroundings to selecting intricate patterns that reflect the area’s history, there are so many ways you can create a sense of community.

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