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COVID-19 has forced businesses worldwide to work from home in recent months, but what lies ahead for our work setups once the pandemic ends? Remote home working will have become a reality for so many of us and the notion is bound to have split opinions.

Whether you like the idea of working from home or loath it, there are certainly ways to make your setup more inviting and motivating. The typical office that we imagine (or that we see on TV) often seems quite ‘grey’ with metal filing cabinets and some harsh strip lighting. 

There are ample tips online for creating the ideal home office in whatever space you have, but we like to create ideas visually, so Harris Jackson has produced two home-office style solutions for you: Industrial & Mid-century. The themes were chosen as we feel they were eminently achievable in the typical British home and some readers may already have pieces that they can use!

Although plentiful storage space is often necessary for a home office – by taking the time to choose a select few pieces from our chosen suppliers, the theme can become both practical and stylish. But eminently achievable. Using a mixture of both luxury and high street brands, such as West Elm, Cox & Cox, Garden trading, we have conjured up two of our perfect home office sanctuaries.

Both of our ideas could be executed within a whole room, or just in the corner of a pre-existing space with a different function, as the clear and distinctive themes will play a part in concentrating your attention to your work. The ability to work on the sofa or on your bed may have seemed like a novelty during your temporary lockdown lifestyle, but this habit should very much stay temporary. 

As in the long term, by creating a separate office environment, you’re much more likely to be able to sustain the professionalism and productivity that you had previously got from your more traditional workspace.

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When working from home or remotely, it is important that the space feels personal and practical.  When creating this type of environment, a great way to differentiate the space from the rest of our home is to give it a distinct theme – and below we have ‘industrial chic’!

office design Harris Jackson work from home

And here, we have ‘midcentury madness’!

So, if you’re going to be working from home on a regular basis, it’s important that you create a clear distinction between home and work life using this design technique of creating a strong theme. And this is especially true if you are likely to be hosting colleagues or clients in this space post lockdown whether it be virtually or face to face.

Your home office sanctuary should be an organised, un-cluttered space with a selection of carefully thought out pieces of furniture. And whichever theme you prefer from our two looks, Industrial or mid-century, you are likely to be able to include some personal accessories of your own into the space.

Remember, if your indoor space isn’t working for you for reasons other than the design – for example the distractions – there is always the option to build an office in your back garden instead. This can also be a benefit to working, as studies have found that having a green view from your office window can help with productivity. If you can’t achieve this in your garden space, try introducing some plants to your office space to achieve a similar effect. 

So, if you’re looking to transform your home work space to enhance productivity and mood whilst working from home, we would highly recommend taking a look at the featured suppliers for some gorgeous and inviting office additions. 

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