Work From Home Garden Offices

Have you considered working from home since COVID-19?


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with ‘Work From Home – Customised Garden Offices‘, to provide local professionals and businesses with the perfect home working set-up.

“As independent professional garden office installers, we can install any sized office anywhere in England and Wales. We also offer our customers a choice of 200+ garden office designs from three of the UK’s premier garden building manufacturers.”

Through our partnership with the local company, we will be providing an interior design package should their clients require it. Our service will be an optional extra for those clients wanting to maximise productivity and efficiency within their brand new work space.

So, if you’re in the market for a garden office contact us – we’ll make your life easy by managing the project from start to finish!


Why choose our Harris Jackson Interior Designer?

As an SBID accredited designer who possesses more than 20 plus years in the industry, you can be entirely confident that we’re an interior designer you can entrust today. Our team have considerable experience designing luxury international hotels, residences and our very own home working garden office.

Photos of our very own home office can be seen on our Instagram and throughout our website. It has truly transformed the way in which we work and we couldn’t recommend it enough – hence our desire to partner with a local garden office building company.

Additionally, we encourage all of our clients to familiarise themselves with some of the most recent feedback we have received from our satisfied customers, who’re more than happy to applaud our first-rate designs. After browsing through our testimonials, we’re entirely confident that you’ll have a greater understanding of precisely why our luxury interior designers are so in-demand.



Harris Jackson are looking forward to working with hoteliers who want to take up this offer! If this is you, please do contact us today. You can register your interest in the provisions of our hotel interior designers by either calling us on 07717 494217 or emailing your inquiry to us at

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