Colour of the year 2019

Colour of the year 2019

So, to follow up on all the current media hype we thought we should put our proverbial best foot forward and comment on Pantone’s announcement for Colour of the year 2019 “Living Coral”. It may seem more pink in nature, but Pantone describes Living Coral as “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones. “Hmm am I tickled pink? I’m sorry, I am not wholly sure…..

Harping back to memories of the 80’s of floral peach laden interiors and Ra-Ra skirts adorned with peachy frills. The declaration that the colour we should all be screaming about brought with it a slight feeling of dread. For goodness sake, I spent most of the 90’s trying to forget those awful family photographs where I streaked peach tones through my blonde hair with washable hair mascaras (Seriously they did exist).

The tone has also been remarked upon recently by Michelle Oggundium, editor of Elle Decoration, about the slight inappropriateness of Pantones choice “This seems an unfortunate symbolism, as headlines rage about climate change and the associated destruction of reefs worldwide. Pantone claim its choice of colour harks of optimism, naivety might seem more appropriate.”

Decorating with this colour will also bring a sigh of intrepidation to the most accomplished Interior designer. It’s a difficult colour, coral, let’s be honest whether it’s living or not!

Do we use the colour on its own and scare even the most jovial of clients into running for the hills or do we try and team it with other colours to make the overall intensity more subtle? Me thinks the latter is preferable. So here are Harris Jackson’s top tips for living with coral.

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Pair the coral with shades of navy blue/indigo. Not only does it compliment the colour beautifully it also calms the brightness down. It becomes less glaring and 80’s and more Mediterranean chic.

So, in honour of fashion and the need to follow the trend here are my best suggestions for using this “interesting” tone. And with Valentine’s day approaching perhaps this year our roses will be more 50 shades of coral than red.

At this media hyped “coupley “time of year what better way to snuggle up with your loved one than share a love seat together. How about a Corally coupley Chesterfield? A perfect place to share a box of chocolates and champers darling.

Alternatively get peachy between the sheets cuddling up beneath these Designers Guild sets of Bedlinen. Firstly, the Astor Coral & Blush 400 thread count cotton bedlinen, luxurious enough to be seen in any Romantic getaway teams a crisp white bedlinen with sophisticated embroidered detailing in coral & blush tones. Secondly Biella bedlinen, a luxurious reversible 100% pure linen, washed for softness giving a beautiful relaxed quality with no need for ironing.

If you’d like to find out more about these suppliers, or you’re interested in Harris Jackson’s interior design services, get in touch with or call us on 07717 494 217. Our portfolio of hotel projects can be viewed here. We can’t wait to see what exciting new collaborations 2019 is going to bring…


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